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Australian Listed Company EZZ discovered a new element called GLT that can fight HPV

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Australian Listed Company EZZ discovered a new element called GLT that can fight HPV

March 29
21:28 2021

The scientific community is welcoming a new development in HPV research. Recently, scientists from EZZ Life Science Holdings Ltd, an ASX listed company in Australia, found a new element called GLT that can fight HPV. It is reported that the laboratory has proved that this element can neutralise the production oHf HPV protease, which results in the practical elimination of the HPV virus.

“After over one hundred laboratory tests, it has been discovered that GLT can reduce HPV’s protease activity with an effectiveness of 97%.” The chief scientist of EZZ College of Life Sciences Edward Taylor told the reporter in a recent interview.

The reporter learned that the researcher extracted an element from plants coincidentally, and used it as an antagonist to fuse with the positive charge of HPV particles through the negative charge on the protein surface.

This element will not harm other cells, however, the HPV protein structure will be changed resulting in negative reproduction. It can also clear the inactivated HPV out of the body.

In this study, analysts in the scientific community pointed out that the discovery of this element will be helpful in further research of HPV. As we all know, the reason why HPV is consistent is because; it infects the host, becoming an addition to the stem cell’s nucleus. Therefore, the virus will continuously reproduce and split with the newborn stem cell’s division. As long as the basal layer exists, the virus’ genome remains and continuous. The study shows that GLT will destroy the synthesis of HPV protease through oxidation, reduction, deacidification, and cyclization, resulting in HPV cell activity loss.

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