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The Metaverse Continues Sparkling WiMi.US Has Achieved High-growth Industry Development

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The Metaverse Continues Sparkling WiMi.US Has Achieved High-growth Industry Development

December 28
20:05 2021

In 2021, a lot of tech companies and capital are doing the same thing: upping the ante on the new concept of the metasverse. This new cusp has ignited the capital and triggered extensive attention of the investment community, related industries were all fascinated. A shares and the US stock market feels like a “tornado”, concept stock sector had risen as well. So what is this cusp?

Before we get into the secrets of the metasverse, it’s worth taking a look at what these tech megnates are investing in it. According to what we have learned, the Meta, a company that adores the metaverse, It’s VR businesses is closely related to the metaverse and have achieved rapid growth. Besides, Meta’s 2021 interim results non-advertising revenue was $1.229 billion, up 85.37% year over year. On the hardware side, Meta recently unveiled a haptic glove that enhances your connection to the virtual world. Metaverses and virtual augmented reality businesses are gradually becoming a bigger part of Meta Platforms.

The Production Company of “Fortnite”, Epic Games had raised $1bn to develop metaverse products; Nvidia has released Omniverse, the first simulation and collaboration platform that provides the foundation for the creation of the metasverse; Microsoft also announced its entry into the metasverse after it regained the top spot in market capitalization; Tencent has acquired Roblox’s China agency; Bytedance was revealed in April to have invested nearly 100 million yuan in the Chinese version of Roblox code; WiMi has established relevant project groups on the metaverse, involving the underlying technology planning, software and hardware system planning, etc. And the layout mainly revolves around VR/AR and other ecological construction; It seems that the three major domestic operators have also seen the industry opportunity and entered the “metaverse” player camp.

Although the definition of the metasverse varies in the industry, the direction of technology underpinning the entire concept of the metasverse is becoming clear. The metaverse is a platform of virtual activities built on the basis of the real world through technical capabilities. It replicates the underlying logic of the real world, and has the characteristics of continuity, real-time, compatibility, connectivity, strong social, economic system stability and so on. In the short run, VR/AR must be the first entry into the metaverse, and technological hard power, both soft and hard, is an integral part of the metaverse. The true metaverse are the convergence and evolution of tools, platforms, and technologies supported by shared infrastructure, standards, and protocols.

Not surprisingly, the metaverse has become the “hot property” in the eyes of many companies, greatly satisfying the imagination of people in the future. Industry experts analyze that some megnates enter the metaverse, or with the current mobile Internet traffic bottleneck, the metaverse will extend the magnitude of the existing mobile Internet from the user scale, length of use, ARPU value and application scenarios, and bring stronger vitality.

But in some cases, the early years of the business were actually related technologies that existed long before the metaverse became popular, but continued to grow in popularity after the metaverse. Among them, the listed company WIMI.US continues to grow rapidly, which is one of the significant representatives.

According to official information, WiMi is a veteran of the AR industry and has established a professional team with core r&d personnel from Tsinghua University, Peking University and other universities. It has created a number of popular wearable products with shipment volume. For example, it creates an “AR glasses that can be worn by consumers on a daily basis”. Centering on the concept of “everyday”, WiMi takes the lead in creating the category of augmented reality (AR) head-mounted display (HMD) – “WiMi HoloAR Lens”, choosing a brand new technology path and will be circulated in the American market. The weight of the whole machine is less than 80g, which is similar to ordinary sunglasses. The sense of pressure on the customer’s face is very low, which meets the needs of daily wear. 1800Nit high brightness screen, 90Hz high refresh rate, very futuristic and technological sense.

The exploration of copyright protection and content realization by large online platforms has created good business opportunities for WiMi. In terms of software application, WiMi owns about 5000 holographic virtual IP rights and interests. In the field of content copyright protection that WiMi focuses on, there are clear policy guidelines that the added value of copyright industry should account for 7.5% of GDP by 2025. WiMi’s virtual content library is copyrighted for IP content licensed from third parties. From the market end, it reflects the improvement of the awareness of content protection and realization in China. The first action of the head platform will drive the follow-up of content merchants and accelerate the release of the business potential of WiMi.

With the continuous breakthroughs in core technologies such as hardware and software, a new round of commercial carnival has been set off in the metaverse, and the consumer market of AR industry is in an emerging stage. Up to now, 99.9% of the trademarks of the universe in China have applied for registration in 2021, and WiMi has completed the application for trademark registration of the “Metaverse”. In the future, we will continue to provide infrastructure support for our partners, and build new infrastructure based on 5G, cloud computing and AI capabilities, so as to become the main entrance of the new holographic AR technology in the metaverse in communication, social interaction and entertainment. Some people in the industry believe that such integration has just begun, under the catalysis of big capital, will bring new users for WiMi to expand, bring new growth for it.

From the perspective of technology, the “metaverse” in the technical sense includes content system, blockchain system, display system and operating system, and finally displays the 3D interface beyond the screen limit, representing the holographic platform era following the PC era and mobile era. According to the current progress, the development of VR, AR, 5G, AI, blockchain and other technologies provide the possibility of a “metaverse”. Among them, AR, VR and other interactive technologies and hardware devices are the most critical. Facebook, Google and Pico are all working on it.

Starting from AR and VR, the metaverse will gradually integrate the Internet, digital entertainment content, social networks and other complex functions, and WiMi will have a promising future in them. Under the support of the new investment concept, the high growth logic of WiMi has the opportunity to innovate, the market value is further highlighted in the relatively complex external environment, strongly resonates with the trend of The Times metaverse, but also fits the change of the current investment style. In the long run, the WiMi with strong sustainable growth ability is worth continuous tracking.

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