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Student Apes: How a Metaverse school is being built

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Student Apes: How a Metaverse school is being built

April 18
18:01 2022

Student Apes: How a Metaverse school is being built

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have overwhelmed the art world, as blockchain-empowered collectibles have shot into have catapulted into the mainstream, stirring a new digital craze that is changing lives and fashioning another way for gatherers and fans. NFTs empower creators to sell digital assets like art or comics directly to their communities, and buyers to securely verify ownership, with chain-of-title safely and immutably stored on the blockchain. In addition to provenance being clearly delineated by blockchain protected metadata, the digital assets also remain pristinely preserved – an enormous benefit for works of art, and especially comic books. NFT technology is leading the transition from Web 2 into Web 3 for a variety of industries, establishing a new frontier comparable to the rise of the internet.

Since January 2022, a new team of experienced artists and fullstack developers is working on a new project coming to the Solana blockchain; Student Apes. Based on the Solana NFT space, this project stands out from the rest owing to its distinctiveness, which is truly amazing. Over the past months, all eyes have been on the world of NFTs. If you are someone who has no idea where to even begin or if you are someone who monitors the space closely, investigates and invests. The idea of NFTs has become part of our day-to-day routine. The team behind Student Apes has been constantly working hard for the past months to launch a project that will be remembered by its distinctive features. The project consists of 4,333 Student apes on the Solana blockchain and will launch in Q2 2022.

Student Apes Art

$STDNT Token, Metaverse school and Play-2-Earn game

What makes Student Apes different from other projects, is that this project offers you a $STDNT token which you will be able to get if you hold a Student Ape NFT. The NFTs can be staked after you bought one on their official website. By staking the NFT you will receive $STDNT. 15% of all mint proceedings after sell out will go towards the liquidity pool of $STDNT, along with 50% of the royalties. Student Apes will come with their own set of utilities within the $STDNT ecosystem. Upon release, every Student holder will be able to claim 100 $STDNTs per Student. After the initial distribution, every Student will generate 10 $STDNTs per day and can be claimed at user discretion. 660 $STDNTs can be used to claim classmates for our Students. 1250 $STDNTs can be used to claim 3D voxel 1:1 Student Ape to be used in Sandbox. The team behind Student Apes NFT is also working on a Metaverse school. They plan to create an environment with free courses (such as e-commerce courses, coding courses, etc.) for holders of the NFT. As we speak, Student Apes is working with different course providers and trying to get a deal with them to provide for their community. The team is also building a Play-2-Earn game around this Metaverse school, where $STDNT can be earned and spent. The game will be exclusively available for holders of the NFT.

Metaverse school

More about the project 

With an already strong community and vision, Student Apes NFT is doing everything to build one of the strongest communities of the Solana NFT projects. The team really works for the community to benefit from this project to change their lives. As we get closer to the mint, the community is only growing more and more. If you want to take part in this amazing project. Join their Twitter and Discord community and learn more.




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