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With Fitness, Nutrition, and Accountability Coaching, Project Evolve helps members shed extra fat

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With Fitness, Nutrition, and Accountability Coaching, Project Evolve helps members shed extra fat

April 18
21:16 2022
Attaining weight loss might not be as difficult as one thinks but making sure that one can sustain the progress one has made is the tough part. This is because the approach to creating sustainable weight loss is entirely different from what most people expect, and because of that, one needs the aid of professionals who have quite a bit of experience in sustainable weight loss.

Project Evolve in Naples, FL is a transformation gym catered to people who are tired of the regular gym and fitness center and want something that truly resonates with them. The project focuses more on creating a safe environment where one can work on their body without fear of judgment or a promise of “quick fixes” that never quite work out. Instead, one will be working alongside a personal trainer who will help them learn how to bring about real changes in their body, leading to a full-body transformation, rather than just weight loss.

One of the biggest goals at the boot camp is to help bring about sustainable weight loss through fitness, nutritional and accountability coaching. The gym focuses on not just helping one lose weight but also aiding in creating better eating habits and accountability so that one is able to fundamentally change the aspects of their personality that might have contributed to the weight gain in the first place. Through this, not only has Project Evolve assisted people in losing weight, but also made sure that they keep the weight off through changes in their habits and mentality. With several testimonials and glowing reviews on their official website, this is one transformation gym that has been garnering quite a bit of popularity in Naples, FL. 

About Project Evolve:

Project Evolve helps those in Naples, FL, who are fed up with going to regular gyms, fear being judged by everyone around them, are sick of “quick fixes”, and want to learn how to get REAL results and want to live a healthier lifestyle, not just lose weight. As they are considered a Coaching Program and not a gym, they fully customize a plan for each one of their clients. One can thus work with them in person or remotely (which we call hybrid). They show their members how to eat in a way where they can enjoy losing weight, getting in shape, and changing their lifestyle. 

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