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AKIRA RISING set to take over the Metaverse and NFT space with a ground-breaking cultural NFT project

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AKIRA RISING set to take over the Metaverse and NFT space with a ground-breaking cultural NFT project

April 20
17:29 2022
AKIRA RISING set to take over the Metaverse and NFT space with a ground-breaking cultural NFT project
AKIRA RISING NFT collection includes unique digital artwork that promises to be a big hit with anime lovers and digital art collectors. AKIRA RISING’s collaboration with popular projects is driving enormous attention to their NFT collection.

UNITED STATES – AKIRA RISING is thrilled to announce its unique NFT project that is expected to be a rage with anime lovers. AKIRA is a Japanese-styled anime collection of 10,000 avatars members will have access to upon mint. Several exclusive benefits, including access to drops and experiences. The top-notch artwork has made it a favorite among the NFT community in the past month, and even at NFT LA where they made an appearance and hosted an event for ASCENDED members.

Sharing the details about the project, Sakuzi, a representative from AKIRA RISING added, “We are delighted to launch our first NFT project which is a collection of 10,000 avatars from anime collection. We are confident our NFT project will stand out for the value it offers the NFT owners. Our team has worked hard to put together this splendid NFT collection. NFT holders can look forward to several benefits that will make our offering highly attractive for digital art collectors. We already have great collaborations in place, which will help in driving the popularity and demand for our NFTs. If you are an anime lover, we invite you to check out our NFTs. I am sure you’ll find something that will appeal to you and you would like to add it to your portfolio.”

The notable collection will offer just 10,000 pieces of avatars, with some being rarer than others.

The team behind AKIRA RISING has experience at brands like coinbase, fullsend metacard, MetaVS, dash, and more. As the AKIRA RISING NFT project takes on the metaverse, the team is deciding to open-source their tech. They also plan to release a new ground breaking gas optimized smart contract that will reduce the fees by one-third on Ethereum.

The AKIRA RISING team has been truly following their dream of working to escape the ‘grind’ culture and promises to offer a wonderful user experience. Within the first week of the project launch, the project team was quickly swarmed with collaborations from projects like GutterCatGang, IsoRooms, AlphaShark, and more.

The manifesto behind the brands in the private server is all about the consumers. They truly believe the consumers are the backbone of the brand and are doing everything they can to improve every person’s life.

After speaking with the owner, we learned that the first release will include AR Activations, Fashion, Events, and Activation of Health & Thought Leaders.

Upon entering the exclusive server, members are greeted with the following message:

“You Are Among Those
Who Have Chosen To See Clear
Beyond The Boundaries Of This Realm
We Welcome You
Here Your Journey Will Unfold
To Become Akira”

The popularity of NFTs has grown enormously with new collections springing up every day. Digital investors all over the world are beginning to take a keen interest in this new asset class. As a result, the use of NFTs as collectibles is also on the rise in various niches such as games, digital arts, etc. There are several success stories of NFT collections that have multiplied in value over a short period, making them an attractive asset class for investors and collectors.

“Those who are AKIRA see beyond the hate and struggle for power. They perceive the infinite consciousness everywhere,” notes Sakuzi. “AKIRA unites them in the face of war. AKIRA harnesses the shoki spirit – to destroy evil. The golden garden is for those who see clear. It provides a hub for the like-minded to elevate themselves.”

You can buy an AKIRA RISING NFT by minting one directly off their website. The website provides easy-to-follow steps to mint the NFT.

For more information about AKIRA RISING NFT collection and other inquiries, reach out via email or visit the website to check out the roadmap.

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