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Hannover Messe 2022 Was the Site of Product Announcements from Schneider Electric

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Hannover Messe 2022 Was the Site of Product Announcements from Schneider Electric

June 03
21:50 2022

Currently available for Electrical Asset Management (Low and Medium Voltage Equipment, such as transformers, switchgear and circuit breakers), Power Management Systems, and more recently, Three-Phase Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS) 10-40 kVA, customers can now add a combined field and digital services plan to their variable speed drives and leverage Schneider Electric Services expertise in Energy Management & Automation to get the maintenance that is required at the appropriate time through the following key benefits and features:

  • Preventive condition-based maintenance: Leveraging the company’s EcoStruxure platform, this service plan provides dynamic scheduling for the maintenance of variable speed drives combined with a preventive visit. By monitoring the connected variable speed drives, possible issues are detected and anticipated, allowing customers to help reduce unscheduled and unnecessary downtime, better optimize site operations, and help improve safety for operators and equipment.
  • 24/7 expert remote monitoring: The company’s Connected Services Hub experts remotely monitor the health of the connected variable speed drives and provide recommendations on how to better optimize performance with customized quarterly reports and annual consultation. In parallel, based on analysis, a services expert will notify customers in a timely manner when issues are identified, proposing corrective actions that can be implemented on-line or on-site thru the company’s Field Service technicians.

Reflecting Schneider Electric’s ongoing commitment to help build future-proof business resilience for customers, EcoStruxure Service Plan for variable speed drives helps to prevent downtime, maximize operational efficiency, and contribute to the company’s sustainability goals, helping to drive improvements in customers’ assets safety, resilience, operational efficiency, and sustainability in the following areas:

  • Up to 65% electrical failure risk mitigated, helping to minimize unplanned downtime
  • Up to 20% maintenance activities and planned downtime reduced, which can provide a strong financial impact

Full access to Schneider Electric’s expertise and consultancy

Tapping into the company’s industry expertise and experience, Schneider Electric combines a field & digital services plan with customized quarterly performance assessment reports provided by its Connected Services Hub and annual consultation done by a dedicated Customer Success Manager who better understands customers’ strategic goals and tactical needs and acts as a consultant. This helps them to make more cost effective decisions related to their energy monitoring and management needs, which can reach to a modernization plan or the creation and maintenance of an electrical digital twin. This not only helps to ensure greater safety, compliance and readiness for the New Electrical World, but also helps to deliver a more seamless customer journey.

Schneider Electric Expands Its Portfolio of SF6-free Green and Digital MV Switchgear with GM AirSeT

The new GM AirSeT is the green and digital primary GIS technology for electrical networks and demanding applications in industrial buildings and critical infrastructure. It represents Schneider Electric’s commitment to develop a full suite of more sustainable next-generation offers. The company is already working closely with customers ranging from utilities and industry to buildings and data centers who are seeking to advance toward pure air and away from SF6. The first commercial projects incorporating GM AirSeT are underway in Europe.

The timing of this new arrival is aligned with the EU Commission’s April 5th proposal to tighten F-gas regulation. This includes sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), which is one of the world’s most potent greenhouse gases and is widely used in electrical equipment to power electro-intensive industrial installations, large buildings, and the grid. This urgent policy action is needed to help meet climate goals and details a timeline for the transition to more sustainable power systems. GM AirSeT can cut heavy industries’ reliance on SF6 by combining new gas-insulated switchgear with pure air and vacuum technology.

Designed for industry and utilities, GM AirSeT joins other Schneider Electric SF6-free medium voltage solutions that help to contribute to the global fight against climate change, including:

  • RM AirSeT – a gas-insulated (GIS) Ring Main Unit (RMU) equipping grid operators with a tool to help decarbonize and modernize the grid while enabling electric distribution utilities to  help improve operational performance and reliability
  • SM AirSeT – designed specifically for secondary power distribution applications using air-insulated switchgear

Schneider Electric’s pure air MV technology has a full range of data powered native capabilities that will monitor the performance of electrical distribution applications and will help to enable preventive condition-based and predictive maintenance.

The embedded smart sensors help to enable users to monitor their operations remotely. Data is fed into cloud-based analytics tools, such as those offered by EcoStruxure, to provide more actionable insights.

The native digital capabilities are available on multiple Schneider Electric’s ranges, including MCSet Active as well as SM, RM, and GM AirSeT Active.

New Digital Twin Integration from Schneider Electric and ETAP Enabling Model-Driven Power System Training and Predictive Analysis

Schneider Electric and ETAP announced the integration of EcoStruxure Power Operation with ETAP Operator Training Simulator (eOTS) and ETAP Power System Monitoring & Simulation (PSMS), helping to enable model-driven power system training and predictive analysis for operators and engineers.

This unique integration allows all EcoStruxure Power Operation systems to connect with ETAP Electrical Digital Twin on a continuous real-time basis. With this connection, operators can create and better understand power system behavior during various real-world or plausible operating scenarios. New operating procedures may be designed and validated against contingencies utilizing their familiar EcoStruxure Power Operation human-machine interface without the risk of affecting actual operations due to the underlying ETAP eOTS simulation and analysis platform

The ability to use live system data from Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Power Operation to feed the Electrical Digital Twin can help to reduce system downtime and drive more accurate decision-making, along with:

  • Reduced safety risks: This technology helps reduce safety exposures by practicing emergencies and risky situations without the threat of any actual danger. Safety is also enhanced by strengthening operator skills and sharpening decision-making processes by solving and analyzing multiple “What if” scenarios.
  • Deeper learnings: ETAP eOTS supports operators in developing a valid sequence of operations, safe switching procedures, and validating the response of their Power SCADA under a wide range of conditions. An operator training simulator provides a more convenient, safer, and more effective learning environment. The results provide deeper insights to maintain safer and more reliable system operations.
  • Quicker response time: ETAP PSMS with Predictive Analysis is a model-driven power system simulator that predicts system behavior in response to operator actions and events using real-time and archived data. ETAP PSMS helps to enable power system engineers to better anticipate potential failures and help to plan future systems expansions. In the event of unexpected equipment failure, faster incident response times are possible due to its unique and unified post-mortem analysis and event playback capabilities.

Schneider Electric Launches Digital Twin Software Solution

Schneider Electric has launched its EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin, a scalable digital twin software solution to help manage the machine lifecycle.

The software helps to enable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to create digital models of real machines so they can be designed and commissioned virtually before building the machine itself. EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin has a more intuitive environment that includes drag-and-drop mechatronic components, VR/AR interfaces, and application-focused libraries, all of which help to enable the parallel engineering of mechanical, electrical, and control tasks.

The solution’s open programming environment allows for add-ons and extensions with a multitude of advanced modules and seamless integration into EcoStruxure Machine Expert and EcoStruxure Machine Advisor, as well as adaptation to customer data sources, workflows, and processes. EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin helps OEMs to improve design processes and quality and minimize commissioning costs. It also provides greater flexibility and efficiency in operations and maintenance.

Using EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin, customers can expect:

  • Up to 60% savings in commissioning time
  • Up to 50% faster time-to-market
  • Up to 20% savings on quality costs through testing before and during commissioning

EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin spans the machine lifecycle, from sales, concept, and design, to manufacturing and operation. Transforming design ideas into sales animations helps customers to more properly visualize the end product, while the in-depth design helps to improve and verify prototypes, which helps to reduce risk and quality costs and speeds up time-to-market.

Transform machine building

EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin helps machine building by digitizing processes, from a detailed design to the mechanical, electrical, and controls, allowing for virtual test strategies and commissioning, as well as shortened factory acceptance testing (FAT). The solution also helps to improve system integration tests, increase software quality, speed up production ramp-up, and save onsite commissioning time.

Enhance machine operation

EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin can also open new revenue streams for OEMs over the machine lifecycle through machine servicing, operator training, and further improvements and upgrades. The software enables OEMs to offer new services based on digital twins, improve and test software upgrades virtually, and reduce machine downtime.

Schneider Electric Upgrades Motor Management Solutions

Schneider Electric has upgraded its motor management solutions. This holistic approach helps to provide better performance optimization, improved return on investment, and greater efficiency and sustainability across an entire plant.

The Schneider Electric motor management solutions help to enable efficiency gains from plant design and build through to operation and maintenance by digitally unifying energy and automation management systems.

The new comprehensive offer portfolio, including the Altivar Soft Starter ATS 480, is not limited to motor control and protection. This all-in-one offer can provide higher levels of efficiency across the plant, extending across overall installation capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX). The solution also incorporates Schneider Electric’s domain experience to help tailor its architecture according to the specific market and its challenges. This creates an application with greater electrical design and simulation capabilities, as well as dedicated digital tools.

Using Schneider Electric motor management solutions, customers can realize up to:

  • 40% time saving on selection and quotation
  • 25% time saving on installation
  • 50% reduction on motor downtime
  • 40% cost optimization for motor control management
  • 50% energy savings (over direct line motor starters)

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