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Insmoor provides fiat productivity to the crypto industry and provides services to users in more than 130 countries around the world, making fiat to buy and sell crypto so easy

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Insmoor provides fiat productivity to the crypto industry and provides services to users in more than 130 countries around the world, making fiat to buy and sell crypto so easy

June 13
17:35 2022

Insmoor is a global remittance company that can quickly send money to the world and use its global payment methods to help merchants receive money on the website and increase sales. It is reported that Insmoor is in-depth integration of traditional financial business and encryption business to provide the global encryption industry with the productivity of basic financial measures;

Insmoor provides a variety of solutions to deal with different business scenarios, suitable for all walks of life, and recently launched a solution for the crypto industry, providing it with the productivity of fiat currency and helping customers use fiat currency to quickly buy and sell cryptocurrencies; not only In this way, Insmoor has also launched services such as Swap and currency exchange to provide liquidity assistance to the crypto industry; Insmoor has launched an open API to help merchants customize business processes and create their own products and services;

In addition, Insmoor has also opened SAAS to help partners quickly put into production; using Insmoor’s SAAS, the tedious technology development process is reduced, and it only takes a few days to have a completely independent brand of Financial service products and complete management tools, all technical services are provided by Insmoor, and partners only need to focus on sales, so that customers can use complete functions without knowing Insmoor;

According to Anson, founder of Insmoor, his team is very confident in Insmoor’s business capabilities. At present, Insmoor has covered more than 130 countries around the world, and provides services for individuals and businesses respectively; for business services, Insmoor provides open APIs, cooperation Merchants can use complete API functions to customize their own business scenarios to achieve global payment methods, global collections, global remittances, fiat currency exchange, crypto exchange, fund withdrawal, escrow wallet, crypto or fiat currency deposits, etc.; these Features will cover a variety of industries

For individuals, Insmoor also provides an APP that allows users to deposit/withdraw funds, spend on the website, transfer/remit money to friends, buy/sell crypto, exchange currencies and other services.

At present, most cryptocurrencies do not have the value of being used as cash. They are more like an asset whose value fluctuates at any time. People can exchange various cryptocurrencies, but the bigger problem is that after many people hold cryptocurrencies, It is difficult to turn it into legal currency, which limits the use value of cryptocurrency, and Insmoor perfectly solves this problem. As long as you use Insmoor, you no longer have to worry about the inability to connect between encryption and legal currency. You can always Exchange crypto and fiat currency and use them anywhere, you can hold crypto currency like cash with peace of mind, when you need it, you only need to use Insmoor, it can meet all your needs.

It is reported that although Insmoor is an emerging company, with the deep industry experience and resources of its founder team, it has provided services for many well-known companies in a short period of time. At the same time, Insmoor is seeking help in financing strategy, and they are very welcome to investors who are interested in Insmoor;

According to Insmoor’s website (, Insmoor has obtained the MSB license issued by FinCen, and will apply for local licenses in many countries and regions; according to its management team , they will stick to the bottom line on protecting the security of user assets and business compliance, and eliminate any possible risks.

There are not many financial companies that power encryption like Insmoor these days, and fewer companies can provide services in both the commercial and personal fields. The emergence of Insmoor will inevitably add a new style to the encryption market.

If you need to know more, please visit: Insmoor’s website

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