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Australian-listed Company EZZ develops Two products to battle COVID-19 and respiratory infections

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Australian-listed Company EZZ develops Two products to battle COVID-19 and respiratory infections

January 05
20:49 2023

Throughout the growth of a global pandemic, how to prevent secondary infections after COVID-19 is an essential topic. Recently, EZZ Life Science, a leading Australian genomic company listed on the ASX Main Board, officially announced that it has developed two immune products for COVID-19; EZZ NK Plus Capsule and EZZ NK Plus Spray. These products are a combination of symptom relief specially customized for COVID-19 by genetic scientists based on the latest generation of NK cellular technology and have been certified by the US FDA.

The reporter learned that EZZ Life Science, has always been committed to improving the body’s immunity through genetic and cellular technologies. At the time of the global outbreak of COVID-19, EZZ Life Science, together with the top three New Zealand Gene Research Center and the Gene Research Center of Auckland University of Technology, carried out cellular immune research on together developed two immunotherapy products for COVID-19; the EZZ NK Plus Capsule and EZZ NK Plus Spray.

EZZ NK Plus Spray is mainly used to help relieve the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection, reduce the infection symptoms of COVID-19 and repair mucosal damage; EZZ NK Plus Capsule is designed to rapidly improve the immune system, repaire the damaged functions of lungs, throat and prevent the risk of secondary infection after COVID-19 positive.

Dr. Van Blyth Merion, head of the New Zealand Gene Research Center, told the media that the two products address three of the toughest symptoms consequence of COVID-19 infection, namely symptom intervention, body damage repair and prevention of secondary infection. “According to statistics, patients commonly face symptoms such as cough, phlegm and swallowing pain.

EZZ NK Plus Spray was specially developed to deal with these symptoms, which can help reduce patients’ pain, reduce the severity of symptoms, and help repair a damaged throat, upper respiratory tract mucosa, and lung mucosa caused by severe diseases.” Dr. Van Blyth Merion said, “According to foreign data, the immune period after getting COVID-19 is generally only 3-6 months. Many patients around the world have been infected with COVID-19 three times or more in three years, causing irreversible damage to the body.

In terms of core technology, the reporter learned that both products adopted the latest generation of global NK cellular technology developed by EZZ, which has carried out specific research and development on the transmission and immune characteristics of COVID-19, which can help destroy the viral RNA structure, and form a long-term genetic memory against the virus immunity, thus increasing the immune cycle, repairing damaged parts from the cellular level and avoiding secondary infection symptoms.

In addition to the latest NK cellular technology, both products use natural ingredients in their raw materials to ensure the safety of consumers. For example, EZZ NK Plus Capsule contains two rare cell-repair ingredients: sulforaphane, to activate and accelerate the effective self-repair of human body and Himalayan tartary buckwheat, (2-HOBA) has been proved to be effective in rejuvenating the human immune system, which has been called the “secret key” of human immunity by many scientists. In addition, natural anti-inflammatory ingredients such as locust root, lung repair ingredients such as thyme, quercetin, loquat leaves, and virus blocking ingredients such as citrus flavonoids are added to quickly activate human immunity.

EZZ NK Plus Spray, has also designed the formula for the painful experience of the upper respiratory tract infection caused by COVID-19, adding “Hermes grade” anti-inflammatory ingredients such as propolis and Manuka honey, and eucalyptus essence, which can achieve relief, anti-inflammatory and antitoxic for the respiratory system. It is reported that in addition to the effective relief of COVID-19’s symptoms, the spray has also been certified in treating upper respiratory tract diseases such as pharyngitis, laryngitis and stomatitis.

The reporter learned that at present, the two products are about to enter the Chinese market through cross-border e-commerce. Industry insiders mentioned that, EZZ has provided a potential solution for virus protection or prevention, through spray and capsule products, which will certainly benefit many people around the world.

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