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Forsentek Co., Limited Unveils Cutting-Edge Load Cells, Force Sensors, and Measuring Solutions, Revolutionizing Precision and Reliability for Clients

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Forsentek Co., Limited Unveils Cutting-Edge Load Cells, Force Sensors, and Measuring Solutions, Revolutionizing Precision and Reliability for Clients

September 25
13:10 2023
Forsentek Co., Limited offers a high-quality selection of load cells, force sensors and measuring solutions used to measure different forms of pressure, strain, force, torque and weight.

Forsentek Co., Limited introduces a variety of load cells, force sensors and measuring solutions that are globally positioned to meet customers’ needs. The company has skilled and experienced engineering experts passionate about creating innovative solutions that solve global problems through advanced technology. The company has been using a combination of advanced technologies, high-quality materials and efficient production processes to provide customers with a cost-efficient, reliable and easy-to-use solution tailored to their needs. They offer their clients an agile and customizable solution that is well-suited for any application and size. Every device is subjected to strict tests and inspections in accordance with the latest standards and legislation. This ensures that their products are reliable and durable, with minimal maintenance. All products are designed and tested to ensure that they meet the standards set by the customers, as well as the needs of their applications. The company fully understands the needs of their customers, and they have been prioritizing it in order to deliver what it promises.


This company’s tension compression load cell will be available with custom calibration for various applications and industries. This device is used in many areas, such as civil engineering, automotive, industrial automation, machine tools and robotics. It has various uses and is suitable for any application requiring precise measurement. It is a highly accurate measuring system that has been very popular among users. This product is very reliable and durable, which makes it a perfect choice when it comes to measurements for critical applications that need high accuracy and reliability. In addition to its high accuracy and durability, one of the benefits of this device is its ability to perform a wide range of functions. The functionality of this load cell emphasizes the versatility and convenience of the device.

Their rotary torque sensor is another innovative device used to measure the torque applied to it by a rotational force. This sensor can measure the torque in two directions with high accuracy. This has led it to be used in many industrial applications, as well as by other industries as well. It can be used for measuring the torque applied to it in many different applications, such as automotive, machine tools and robotics. The measurement accuracy of this sensor is less than 0.5%, which makes it an ideal choice when high accuracy is required. The rotary torque sensor is available to clients at competitive prices, from various materials and customized according to specific needs or requirements.


The button load cell is used in many different applications, with there being a variety of options for the user. This is because this device can be designed to be suitable for various applications. It is made with high-quality materials, making it durable and able to maintain its accuracy over long periods. The button load cell can be used in a wide range of measurements, and it can provide the best possible results. The measurements made with this device are highly accurate and reliable.

About Forsentek Co., Limited.

Forsentek Co., Limited is a manufacturer of load cells, force sensors and measuring solutions. The company has been in existence since 2000, and they provide their clients with a variety of products that are designed to meet the needs of any application. Their goal is to provide optimum solutions tailored to the customers’ requirements. They make use of modern technology, which allows them to meet all their clients’ demands and needs. The company ensures its products are functional, reliable and durable for many years. This makes it possible for them to deliver high-quality products at fair prices.

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