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Robust Growth in Pet Supplement Market in the US & Europe, Exclusive Focus Report by Arizton

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Robust Growth in Pet Supplement Market in the US & Europe, Exclusive Focus Report by Arizton

September 27
02:55 2023
Robust Growth in Pet Supplement Market in the US & Europe, Exclusive Focus Report by Arizton
Pet Supplements Market Focused Insights Report by Arizton
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Arizton provides an in-depth market insights report on the US pet supplements market and Europe pet supplements market.  

Arizton provides information related to the industry’s key issues, existing market landscape, regulatory concerns, risks & opportunities, technology evolution, and future commercial potential. These reports provide a comprehensive and current market scenario of the wound care market across various regions, including market size, anticipated market forecast, relevant market segmentations, and industry trends.     

Explosive Growth in US Pet Supplements Market, Chewable Pet Supplements Gain Popularity, Promoting Pet Health, and Reducing Stress 

The US pet supplements market to reach $1.3 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 7.6% during 2022-2028. 

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The US pet supplements market is growing significantly due to a shift toward science-based and veterinarian-formulated supplements, high demand for natural/herbal pet supplements, increasing pet ownership, and rising consumer spending on pet health. Moreover, in the US pet supplements market, the demand for chewable is rising as they are easy to consume and offer complete absorption of nutrients. Chewing also helps reduce stress and improve the health of dogs, which drives the chewable market in the US. Pet food companies are expanding their product range and entering the pet supplements market, creating additional competition for local and regional vendors in the market. Due to growing demand from the online segment, most companies are offering their products through e-commerce platforms. 

Skin & Coat Segment Leads the Way in the US Pet Supplements Market 

Skin and coat supplements have emerged as a rapidly expanding sector within the US pet supplements market. As pet owners become increasingly attuned to their furry companions’ well-being, common issues such as inflammation, dandruff, dryness, hair loss, and self-inflicted wounds have fueled a remarkable demand for products tailored to address these concerns. 

These skin and coat supplements are enriched with essential ingredients like biotin, amino acids, and fish oil, all designed to enhance the overall health of pets’ skin. Beyond cosmetic improvements, these supplements bolster pets’ defenses against bacterial infections, environmental allergies, and the discomfort of itchy skin, amplifying their appeal among pet owners. 

As the market surges, competition intensifies, prompting a race to introduce veterinarian-formulated and science-based pet supplements. This trend reflects the growing expectation among consumers for specialized solutions targeting specific skin and coat conditions in their pets, further propelling the demand for pet supplements in the US. 

Growing Demand for Natural, Condition-Specific Pet Supplements in Europe Spurs Industry Innovation and E-Commerce Expansion 

The Europe pet supplements market is projected to reach $986.45 million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 6.40% during 2022-2028.  

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In the Europe pet supplements market, there exist many new trends that drive the demand for pet supplements in Europe. The demand for pet supplements for senior dogs is high in the pet supplement market. As the companionship of pets is rising in most European countries, the demand for pet food is high in Europe. With the rising awareness of natural/herbal ingredients and clean-label products, pet owners are asking for natural and less processed pet supplements in the market. Due to innovations in pet disease treatments, many companies offer specific condition-related pet supplements in the market. Thus, pet owners prefer such specific pet supplements for their pets and seek more benefits to improve their overall health. Thus, companies are selling their products on their own websites along with many third-party e-commerce partners in the Europe pet supplements market. 

Germany Emerges as a Key European Hub for Cat Supplements, Fueled by Robust Pet Population and Economic Prosperity 

With a feline population of 16.7 million in 2021, outpacing dogs at 10.3 million and small mammals at 4.6 million, Germany stands as a thriving market for cat supplements in Europe. This burgeoning pet population acts as a catalyst, driving sustained demand for pet supplements in the foreseeable future. 

The steady increase in disposable income among Germany’s residents has translated into greater investments in pet health. A growing awareness of the crucial role nutrition plays in maintaining the well-being of pets has prompted pet owners to seek high-quality supplements to bolster their pets’ health, further stimulating the growth of the pet supplements market in Germany. 

The e-commerce landscape in Germany has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, riding on the wave of increased internet penetration. In 2021, e-commerce sales surged by an impressive 24% compared to the previous year. This trend is underscored by the fact that a substantial 27% of total retail sales in 2021 were channeled through e-commerce platforms. Leading players in this arena, such as Amazon, eBay, Otto, and Lidl, are actively contributing to the burgeoning pet supplements market in Germany, promising a positive outlook for the industry in the coming years. 


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