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Deceptive Calm by Patricia Skipper Delivers a Masterclass in Descriptive Writing

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Deceptive Calm by Patricia Skipper Delivers a Masterclass in Descriptive Writing

February 09
14:50 2024

In the world of fiction, the ability of a book to immerse readers is what makes it great. The author, Patricia Skipper, has set the bar with her riveting drama fiction, Deceptive Calm, creating all the buzz in the genre. 

Set against the challenging landscape of 1968, the book delves into the protagonist’s life, Vanessa, a beautiful, light-skinned girl who experiences everything a child should not. With the assassination of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, America is awry with racism. Vanessa is caught in a series of perilous events: A Ku Klux Klan attack, a traumatizing back-alley abortion, and the death of a nun who reared her. Wishing to restart her life, Vanessa dons the identity of a deceased White baby. From then on, the deception proves to catalyze Vanessa’s success. As she climbs the ranks in the newsroom, the only question remains: how long will she keep up the deception? And will her past creep up? 

The characters in the story are incredibly complex, and Patricia breathes life into each with her attention to detail. There is a sense of relatability, which makes the book resonate among readers of various demographics. 

Patricia Skipper’s writing in Deceptive Calm is addicting and captivating. The sights and sounds of 1968 are incredibly particular, and for a story to flourish within that specific setting poses a true test to an author. Skipper, however, overachieves in this aspect. Readers would also be fascinated to know that the book is heavily inspired by Patricia’s real-life experiences growing up. You can read the author’s inspiring story on her website.  

As for the book, readers can immerse themselves in one of the most promising drama thrillers of the year, Deceptive Calm, by clicking on the link.

About the Author 

Meet author Patricia Skipper, the creative genius behind Deceptive Calm. Patricia’s life journey began on a California Marine Corps base. After 21 years in the Marine Corps and serving in WWII and Korea, her father retired in South Carolina in 1961. Throughout her childhood, Patricia witnessed various racist advancements that were developing in the ’60s, which were the catalysts of her riveting book. 

Patricia possesses a master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism, reporting internationally for the Charleston Evening Post from Leningrad and Moscow. She has also won numerous Addy Awards for her writing on television. 



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